We came to this hospital under recommendations of our friends for by-pass surgery. We have found this as an excellent hospital. Technical abilities and knowledge of the doctors and attached staff is superb. Strict discipline is maintained which is good for well-being of the patient. We wish the hospital further success in its mission. Wishing a bright future with the hope that hospital will serve still further towards humanity and excel in all fields.
P K Vatsyayan, IRS, Commissioner of Income Tax III, Rajkot
I must congratulate the staff and management of SAL hospital for achieving a fine balance between professional medical care and the human touch. The staff is professional and courteous and the knowledge of doctors and his team for the cardiac facilities is a great achievement. It is also heartening to note that the rooms are being upgraded regularly. All the best.
Vimal Ambani, S/O Mr. Natubhai Ambani, Reliance industries, Ahmedabad
I was admitted to SAL for emergency medical treatment. Words will fall short to describe how you feel at home even under the situation which might be a cause for a lot of anxiety. The staff attending you, the food you get and the expert doctors taking your care go beyond the strict field of their professional domain when they deal with a ‘human touch’. My special thanks, appreciation and deep sense of gratitude for the doctors under whose good care, I felt so confident that not for a while I had a reason to worry. In short, SAL family is a well integrated unit and I wish this hospital will always strive for excellence. Thanks
Jay Narayan Vyas, Hon. Health Minister, Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar
From ward boys, sisters, other staff members and doctors, everybody was excellent in delivering medical service, human approach as well as medical competence. I request the hospital to keep encouraging and appreciating such medical, paramedical & nursing staff for delivering better medical care.
Dr. Prahalad Togadiya, Ahmedabad
I leave this hospital today with nice memory of wonderful treatment given to us by all the staff in the entire hospital. Starting fro the PRO to the staff in Cath. Labs, ICU and the private rooms was extremely prompt, courteous and affectionate. The special suite is very well done and does not make you feel that one is in the hospital. I am personally thankful to Mr. and MRs. Rajendra Shah, Dr. Tejas Patel and all their associates.
Mr. Ravi Saxena, IAS, Principal Secretary, Govt. Of Gujarat
Bye pass surgery has been conducted in SAL hospital. In spite of my father being old, Dr. Anil Jain and his team did excellent job. Professional competence was shown at its best. Mr Rajendrabhai shah and his team took extreme personal care that will remain as a sweet memory. The quality of the service, cleanliness, nursing & medical care was of the highest order. Finally, the experience has been unique combination of quality of professional service and personal & humanitarian care. I will all the success.
Pankaj Kumar, APS to Cm, Gandhinagar
We have just visited SAL Hospital. Let me congratulate you for your great achievement in medical industry. As per my observation & feeling despite of heavy expenses, your organization have achieved significant goal mark in the industry and made it possible for Ahmedabad to have world class medical facilities. The loyalty of the doctors team, workmanship of security guards, on duty staff, nurses, ward boys, sweepers and all other co-related staff have made it possible for SAL to become No 1. Once again I do salute SAL on behalf of our maniyar family, for establishing a wonderful medical institute. Thank you
Mr. Pranav J Maniyar, Ami Trading Co., Bhavnagar
I came here very sick. I saw the best human touch of each and every member of the SAL family. I went back fully recovered with a great feeling of well being, a boon of the SAL humane touch. May all those souls affected by all sorts of diseases and pain receive soothing balm and healing power of SAL hospitality. All the best to the staff and doctors of SAL hospital
Keshav Kumar, IPS, DIG, Gujarat state, Gandhinagar
I observed that the hospital authority, medical staff and other supporting staff are very committed and courteous. This behavior should be continued and eve improved upon. Thanks a lot for everything. God bless your hospital.
Mrs. Habiba Imani, South Africa
I believe when it comes to medical/surgical treatment "FAITH" matters a lot and after that medical science & treatment. We always had the same "FAITH" in SAL Hospital, its team & doctors & other staff and once again, all SAL hospital doctors & staff has proved themselves during my stay for the surgery., Doctors are guiding very well, nursing and other support staff and canteen staff are highly attentive to the needs of the patients. Thank you so much to you all and may you all keep doing the same good work for all. All the best.
Mr. Bhavin B. Mavani, A"bad
I am extremely delighted with all aspects of treatment and hospitality at SAL Hospital, while my mother underwent open heart bypass surgery by Dr. Anil Jain & team. In fact I can compare it with one of the best hospitals of Delhi where my father had undergone similar surgery & I find SAL Hospital to be even better than the best of Delhi. Not only doctors but all nursing staff & wards have been extremely good, even Pro'''s have been excellent. I wish all the best to SAL Hospital & staff.
Mr. Upendra Vasishth, Kandla Special Economic Zone, GOI, Gandhidham, Gujarat
Yes, I got new life. Just in time. Thanks to SAL Hospital'''s facility and all staff members. To start with, accommodating for angiography with short notice. Doctors and their team members did great Job and through analysis. I was in a fix to get the surgery at SAL or in U. S. But after talking to Dr. Jain, I made-up my mind. This is th place where I should get treated. Dr. Jain & his team members did great Job with no pain. His experience, confidence and explaining to patient is commendable. Entire staff starting from drs to cleaning person to night boys, all very helpful. My hats-off to their patience. Yes from bottom of my heart, thanks to everybody. If someone need treatment in USA, I will recommend SAL hospital definitely.
Mr. Niranjan Shah, Michigan, USA
I brought my daughter Lajja from Udaipur with stress and pain. It will be difficult if not paradoxical, to say that the stay was comfortable, but I ca say they made it less painful. The staff, the doctors, and entire environment is full of affection and care. Nothing more can be expected. We had stressful moments, when count did not match with the clinically improved patient. I must record with great admiration the dedication and natural flow of affection of doctors who helped us through out, all most every moment of stay of Lajja. I wish, I do not come again, but anyone who comes sick will and should recover faster. I pray all the best to SAL. Thanks for all the help in this hour of crisis in the family.
Mr. Bhagyesh Jha, IAS, Commissioner of Information & MD, IndextB, Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar
I would like to thank all the floor staff for being very friendly and helpful to me during my stay at SAL. Kind Regards
Ms. Louise Davisdon, Swedan
First of all I would personally like to compliment the hospital staff for being so warm, co-operative & homely. The treatment was just like a home away from home. SAL Hospital is a precious assest to the society. All the staff is ready to help 24 x 7. Being my first experience, I am very much impressed by the hospital; it is more than its name.
Ms. Vasuben Trivedi, Ahmedabad


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