Obstetrics & Gynaecology

SAL Obstetric & Gynecology department offers you the best personal and competent obstetric services. Our Obstetric & Gynecology doctors will help you sail smoothly through your pregnancy from day1. From diagnosis to delivery of your bundle of joy SAL Hospital will share each of your moment.


-Pre Pregnancy Counseling

-Antenatal Clinics


-Pregnancy Physiotherapy

-Painless Delivery

-Postnatal Clinics



For Special High Risk Pregnancy cases we have dedicated ICU with best obstetric services backed up with state of art Operation Theaters. We have trained doctors to look after even the most challenging cases.


-Bad previous obstetric outcome

-Previous still born child

-Twin Pregnancy

-Advanced maternal Age

-Intrauterine growth restriction (baby growing poorly during pregnancy

-Consideration of vaginal birth after cesarean(VBAC)

-Pregnancy with Heart disease

-Pregnancy with Diabetes/ High Blood Pressure

-Pregnancy with Liver/ Kidney disease


Making an appointment

You'''re encouraged to make an initial appointment soon after you discover you are pregnant and certainly within the first 10 weeks of gestation. If you have a health condition that could affect your pregnancy or your child'''s development, SAL Hospital doctors highly recommend pre-conception visits.


     Menopausal Management

     Understanding menopausal changes.

     Post menopausal bleeding.


     Cervical Cancer Screening

     Ovarian Cancer Screening

     Uterine Cancer Screening

     Medical and Surgical Treatment for Leakage of Urine 


   Gynaecological SCREENING 

 pap smear

      ultrasound pelvis

      bone densitometry

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